The Real Estate Syndication Analyzer

Over the past few years Brock Mogensen at Smart Asset Capital has worked on developing his own multifamily deal analyzer.  After receiving great feedback over the years regarding the tool, he decided to make it available to everyone.  It was designed with the idea of being simple enough for people that aren't experts in Excel, but detailed enough to provide the information an investor needs to make an educated investment decision.  As an added bonus the analyzer is accompanied with a 10 part video series that will teach you everything you need to know about analyzing deals and using this tool.  

What the tool has to offer
  • Quickly analyze deals with a simple format

  • Advanced syndication metrics

  • Charts built with the investor offering package in mind

  • Stress test models to ensure you are being conservative

  • Rent comparison analysis model

  • 9 tabs that include everything you need to accurately analyze a deal

Whats included with the purchase
  • The Real Estate Syndication Analyzer

  • 10 part video series on how to analyze deals and use the tool

  • Automatically receive updated versions of the analyzer