Six Ways to Boost Attendance at Your Real Estate Meetup

Have you been wanting to start a real estate meetup but thought you would have trouble getting people to show up?  Or have you started a real estate meetup and not enough people are showing up?  If so, we’d like to arm you with six proven strategies to boost attendance at your meetup.  We have personally used each one of these strategies to gain the title of the largest monthly multifamily meetup in the state!  These are simple strategies anyone can use that will yield immediate results.

1.) Facebook Boost Posts

The first thing you are going to do when starting a real estate meetup is create a Facebook page specifically for the meetup.  This will be the page you direct everyone to that contains all the event information.  It will serve as the main platform for advertising your event.  On top of maintaining this Facebook page you are going to take it a step further and take advantage of the paid advertising Facebook offers.  Once you post an event to the page there will be an option to “boost” the event.  This is a very cost-effective way to increase the events visibility. With a simple investment of $20 you will see a huge uptick in responses.

2.) Post Event on and Bigger Pockets

On top of posting the event to Facebook you are also going to post it to and Bigger Pockets.  These websites charge a small monthly fee, but it is definitely worth it.  Remember, the more exposure your event receives, the better.  You can use the same info that you posted on your Facebook event.  Simply copy and paste.

3.)  Tell Everyone You Know About Your Event

This is an obvious one.  Post the details of each event to your personal social media accounts an tell everyone you know that is interested in real estate to attend your event.  Not only will this increase attendance, but it will provide you with instant credibility in the space.

4.) Maintain a Running Email List

As you begin to build your attendee list you will want to keep a running email list.  There are plenty of good tools to do this, we use Mailchimp.  Anytime someone expresses interest in the meetup ask them for their email address so you can inform them of future events.  On top of that, ALWAYS have a sign in sheet at your events so you can add them to your email list.  Prior to each event send an email to this list letting them know about the upcoming event.

5.) Scrape Other Facebook Groups for Email Addresses

Now this tactic might sound a bit sneaky, but it is a very creative way of building your attendee list.  What you are going to do is find all the real estate Facebook pages in your market and request to join the group.  Once accepted to the group manually go through the posts and look for posts where people provide their email address.  Every Facebook group will have a few posts with lots of email addresses in the comments.  Copy and paste all those email addresses onto your email list.  This task is very manual and will take some time, but it is worth it.  As long as you are providing good value at your events, most people that are active on other real estate Facebook pages will be interested in hearing about your event.

6.) Direct Message People on Bigger Pockets

If you don’t already have a Bigger Pockets account, go create one right now.  This platform is great for connecting with other local investors. The platform will allow you to enter a keyword, so you receive notifications every time someone uses that word in a post.  Enter a variation of keywords that pertain to your local market (i.e. the city/town your event is hosted in).  Every time you see a post where someone is posting about being a new investor in your market, send them a direct message with a link to your event.  We always add an additional comment explaining why networking is key to becoming a successful investor.  You will be amazed by how many people show up to your event when you reach out to them personally.

In conclusion, we promise that if you implement these six tactics to your meetup you will see an instant increase in attendance.  After a few events these tasks will become part of your monthly routine and attendance will continue to increase.  Remember, the more people that attend your event equals the more opportunities you have to portray yourself as a key player in your market.  Our meetup (WI Apartment Investors Meetup) has yielded great benefits to our syndication business.  We hope your meetup benefits from these tactics as well!